A Sensible Approach To Complex Divorce Issues

Every day all across Louisiana, there are couples making the realization that divorce is the best option they have. The circumstances may vary widely, but the ultimate goal is to leave an unhappy or unfulfilling marriage behind. Depending on the case, the divorce could be to protect a spouse or even a child.

Given the many factors that could be involved, a divorcing spouse needs an attorney with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of family law. At Barbara Volk Madere, APLC, we can help you properly address any of these situations:

  • Community property issues and spousal support
  • Adultery and other triggers for divorce
  • Child custody and support
  • Adoption, visitation and parenting coordination
  • Mediation and collaborative divorce

Divorce is not just about you. Legal issues concern the whole family, and given the stakes, it is imperative for a spouse facing divorce to consult with a lawyer to establish what issues need to be addressed in this family.

What Sets Us Apart

Our approach to divorce and family law cases involves a very detailed initial consultation. This sets the foundation for an organized and prepared approach to your case. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to ask us questions about the legal process and how your divorce could impact your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Between our desire to help people, our approach to family law and our experience, you will find yourself feeling comfortable and more secure about your future. Reach out to us at 504-434-5506 or get in touch online.